Social Media Services Ohio


What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the practice of monitoring and updating your online platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), where users create and share content.

Why is it important?
Because social media grew so big so quickly, it’s seen by some as a “passing fad” and thus, an unprofitable use of your marketing dollars.


According to Hubspot, social media delivered higher website traffic to 80% of marketers surveyed. And “social selling” — sales revenue traceable to social media — were an estimated $30 billion worldwide in 2015.

So, there’s huge potential for social media marketing to increase your sales.

Auroxa’s process begins with developing a social media strategy. Specifically, an engagement strategy that will act as a guideline for our social media management team.
Once we have a full understanding of your community management expectations, we assign a team to your brand that is responsible for directing questions to the right person, engaging with the audience, and overall fostering conversations.

Daily, managers represent your brand, keeping the page filled with fresh content and actively participating in conversations with your followers.

At the end of each month, we review our efforts including engagement and follower growth. Based on this data, we are able to analyze each step and dictate what tactics are working through the process.

1.Content Creation & Publishing
Every month (after your choice of a planning call or meeting) we’ll create a custom monthly content calendar of status posts for your brand’s social media channels. Once the calendar has been reviewed and approved by you, we’ll schedule these posts to publish on the days and times your audience is most likely to see-and engage-with them.

2. Community Management
Every day your social media manager will monitor your brand’s social media channels to respond to any comments and questions that are posted—making sure your fans and followers and responded to in a timely manner. We’ll also proactively monitor for, and respond to, your business mentions on Twitter and Instagram that are not directly posted to your brand’s channels.

3. Insights & Reporting
Every month you will receive a Social Media Snapshot report detailing audience growth, brand visibility, and engagement metrics for the previous month. The report also provides insights into your top performing content, opportunities for improvement, and recommendations for the future efforts.

Your Auroxa social media manager will write high-quality social media posts for your Dayton local business. These posts will be posted to your social media channels on a daily basis and will include professional articles, high-quality images, interactive videos and professionally written content.

All of your posts will be relevant to your business’s industry while targeting your ideal prospective customer and audience. Who are your ideal customers? What is the overarching message you want to deliver? Our team will work with you to create a strategically designed campaign and create promotional, well thought, and engaging posts to drive more traffic to your business, and ultimately generate more leads.